A Perspective on the Incident in Mexico

The violence in Mexico upsets me. It’s not my homeland, but I know the country. I know it’s people. I know it’s history. I can’t fully empathize with the grief of many Mexicans, but must we all have a significant emotional event in order to elicit action? The war on drugs could be better termed the war on Mexicans, as over 30,000 Mexicans and people in Mexico have died in the corruption and cartel-related violence. Where is the Mexican government? The Mexican police? Even the Mexican army as Mexico does not have an equivalent of US Posse Comitatus, which precludes military action inside the country? Current events in the Mexican state of Guerrero indict the Mexican police, at the orders or the Mexican governor allowed by the inaction of the Mexican military, of killing at least 6 Mexicans and possibly 43 others.

Over 200 years ago the United States began an experiment which has become an example for many of our brothers and sisters around the world, which preached life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the rights of all people, and the goal of a people’s government to protect those freedoms. Of course, our Founding Fathers were not perfect in their application (remember slavery, bigotry and racism, against Native Americans and others), but the ideas have had such resonance in many parts of the world that we can state them as archetypal virtues (within which there is obviously room for interpretation and variance: at what point does one person’s freedom create an advantage over another person such that the second person’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is infringed upon?).

Nor is the present-day situation in the US an idyllic society truly exemplifying such virtues (so as I write about Mexico, let us not forget our pursuit of virtue in our own country; if you champion the freedom of others [be it in Mexico or Syria or many other countries around the world], remember to feel so compellingly the calls of virtue for your own country). Should not virtue be a pursuit of all people in every matter? Should we let ourselves be so blinded by entertainment and mindless passions (Angry Birds and an innumerable host of other entities [really almost anything can distort our trueness when it comes to being good people]) that we become numb or blind to the bloody and cruel reality that is often our world?

I don’t envy those in the Mexican army. What would I do if my commander told me to arrest a group of people and (presumably) kill them or hand them over to others with the knowledge they would kill those I took? What would you do? Would I risk my life and the lives of my family for the ambiguous honor of virtue? Would the desire to be with and protect my lover override my concern for others? Would it be wrong if it did?

How will the Mexicans act? How can they best act to make their country better? How can we help? Do I train with the Mexican military in the hopes of slowly instilling a sense of honor and courage? While at the same time I am actively training them in counter-terrorism operations? Styles of war which, if they have not also learned honor and courage, will likely be used by corrupt and cruel leadership against Mexican innocents?


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